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Air compressors - good\bad ?

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    Originally posted by Capitalview View Post
    What air tools are you looking at using?
    All I have is a 3" cutting tool right now. I'd like to do a small gravity HVLP sprayer - for bikes. (I know, this is a doosey)
    I have a cabinet door project coming up soon - they all need to be painted.


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      I have something similar to this

      I also have another 20 gallons of tanks hooked up. I run a spray gun and have no issues with it. Die grinder works great for the most part. Air wratchet works well also. Next compressor I get will be much larger but I also have the space for it. Only downside to this one is in the winter when the temps get cold the oil gets pretty thick and its trips the circuit if you have it on a 15 amp outlet. 20 amps works no problem.


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        I only use my compressor for little stuff now. I use to have a DA sander and cut off wheel. I didn't like how much the compressor needed to run to use it so I switched to electric and haven't looked back. I need mine for tires, plasma cutter, air impact gun, and air nailers.

        The air tools are smaller and easier to fit in tight places, but the amount of time this has been an issue is few and far between.
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          I was going to buy this but it was out of stock.

          So I bought this which was on sale for $164. Out the door for $174.

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              If you are going to use it to paint, find the gun you want to buy and see its requirements then get the compressor. Alot of these new HVLP guns take ALOT of SCFM (at least the last time I looked at them).

              My HVLP (Astro Pro, model no longer made anymore and has an aluminum cup instead of plastic like most do now) is just under 6 scfm @ 40psi. My craftsman 33 gal 6hp vertical is rated to 6.8 scfm @40 (5.1@90). I could shoot a hood comfortably on one tankful before the compressor kicks in again. Mine also has no problems running a 600ft/lb 3/4" impact gun. I do have a dryer inline. Separate hose for my paint gun and another for the other tools.

              If I would had snagged the Sata's from when I painted at the conversion shop, I would need a huge ass compressor. They need ALOT of air.
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