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  • Pirelli Supercorsa TD

    For 2020, I am looking at a fresh set of trackday buns.

    I had been running Rosso Corsa's. I got 7 trackdays out of them (prob 1 more day), running mid to low :20's at Blackhawk.
    I had been considering the new Rosso Corsa II's, buuut, this new tire model sounds yummy.

    The experts are saying that it is between a Supercorsa SC2 (race) and a Supercorsa SP (street).
    It is a single compound across the entire tire with a somewhat soft carcass for fast warm-ups.
    The Rosso Corsa were more street than the SP - with fast warm-ups.
    The TD should put me at more tire than what I need and still not requiring warmers.

    Anyone here feedback from other trackday kids?

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    If they are anything like the old Superbike pros (TD tire) then I would highly recommend them. I ran mine with warmers and they wear like iron. My last set was 4 years old (10 TD's) with 2 off years of riding, they looked barely worn. I know Clinton liked these also when he ran them on his gixxer.

    I know one year I forgot my warmers and just gave them a lap to warm up and never experienced any problems. Personally them, the superbike slicks or the Supcorsa are a great tire you can't go wrong with.


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      ah, thanks for the reminder on those. I think the old TDs were compared to the SC-SP? Just without any sipes.
      I think I'm gonna do these. They are pricey, but they sound great.


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        You'll be happy with them, just get the air pressure dialed in.