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Sportbike Leather Service - repair & review

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  • Sportbike Leather Service - repair & review

    I have an older A*Star CR 1-piece suit that was in need of attention. It is 8-9 years old?
    I had a lowside at RA turn 8 (some tarmac slide, then gravel pit).
    I also had a tad faster collision at BFR, just before T5 (longer tarmac slide\tumble and then dirt).

    The suit had a lot rub\drag marks and many of the white stripes had blacktop drag marks on them. I didn't take many before pics, but I do have some of the damage areas.
    -Many seams lost their top-stitch, but were still holding together
    -Shoulder top seam failed and seperated
    -Forearm stretchy stuff has holes
    -Knee puck started to get pulled away from suit
    -Suit was dull\dirty



    graphic I sent with suit:

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    I called SLS and described damage. He asked if I wanted 'safety' repairs or cosmetic repairs (make them pretty as well).
    I told him to do safety repairs only..."it's an older suit and I don't care if it looks pretty". lol
    He estimated that I may be looking at $100-$115 for repair and then $120 for a 'clean & condition'.

    I removed most of the pads & liner before shipping, to make it lighter and fit a smaller box. Size 50\60 cost $26 to ship to Michigan.

    He called me back and said I had a few other seams that lost the top stitch and asked if I wanted to fix those, I said yes.
    He also said that the shoulder would need an over-and-under leather patch as the leather in that area was kind of thin...also a spot on the arm needed an under-patch as the leather had been rubbed thin as well. i said to do that.
    The new estimate was $150 for repairs and $120 clean\condition.

    About 7-8 days later I get an email with the total + shipping....$301 !!
    I pay the man and the suit arrives back in a few days.


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      I take the suit out of the box & bag...wholly crap !! It looks like a brand new suit! It's all shiny and slippery.

      On to the repairs:

      Shoulder over and under

      Shoulder top seam


      Forearm seam

      Forearm seam


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        Left knee - velcro patch, seam at top & seam along outside of leg

        Left arm under-patch


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          Thanks for the detailed review Spoot! I have been curious about their work.


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            Overall, the repairs look very well done\safe. They actually 'look' good, too.
            The suit was kind of dirty from 2 off's that ended in dirt\ it's shiny and almost like new!
            Some of the white stripes still have drag marks and the A* logos are still a little ground down.

            Am I satisfied with the work? YES
            Would I recommend SLS? YES
            Would I recommend to a friend? YES
            Was it a good deal? YES
            Are the repairs similar to sending the suit back the OEM for repairs? NO
            Do the repairs keep the suit exactly like the OEM design? NO. I asked for safety-only repairs.

            If you have more extensive repairs to do or replace large panels of may have a higher cost.

            My suit - My level of damage = Two big thumbs up for Sportbike Leather Service !!


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              Nice review, thanks for the info.
              Matt J., Appleton
              2015 Yamaha R3
              Instagram- @motomatt_r3